Only way how to procure fairly, transparently and effectively is to outsource procurement

Our purchasing expertise will allow you to be more flexible and economical. In addition, our skills can be transfer to your staff allowing them to develop better buying procedures.

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We will work together to find the best suppliers to cover your needs

Based on your specification and other requirements we provide full service with selecting suppliers.

Our services include preparing RFQ documentation, realization of whole selection process (TENDER), negotiation with suppliers about terms and contract conditions, evaluation of all submitted quotations, drafting the final contract and more, based on your requirements and preferences.

This is also opportunity for suppliers attract potential buyers by receiving their RFQ’s

We build up a database of suppliers and we inform you about actual project, which could be a good opportunity for you to place a bid and this will help your business to grow.

Please contact us with your presentation or simple introduction of your activities.


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